S. Music. H. – The XX – Islands

Short Music Highlight – Highlighting the songs I have heard and enjoyed.

The XX - Islands

With its simple precise movement it captures your attention. Simple changes in positions for a well defined video. The sometimes hypnotical routine of dancing keeps the simplistic nature up and interesting.

Vocally it sounds simple but it works. Light and shade dynamic with the female providing the light to the bloke’s shade. 

“I am yours now”

“That bridge is on fire”

A simple ending with the set destruction.

See what you think,

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Music Lyrics – The Calling – Wherever you will go

Another song which keys in on your feelings and has multiple meanings.


The Meaning I got from it most was the fact of moving on from a relationship.



“So lately, been wandering, who will take my place” – So you dont like me anymore so who will take my place in your heart, you are still in mine.

“Could you make it on your own”  “I will go wherever you will go”

- My feelings will still follow you – but You could make it on your own. But could you.


“Running way with my Heart”

“Running way with my Hope”

“Running way with my Love”

- I still have feelings but I understand or try to understand.




It is another song which keys into feelings of love and shows how songs can be taken in different ways.

You watch the video for this  you get the – dam I ve cheated – you still shouldnt move on – or should you.

I also in general would not be surprised to hear this song at a funeral, wedding, prom or  any other event.


What does the song mean to you?



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Music Lyrics – Nickelback – How you remind me


Songs mean different things to different people. Think about how the song “How you remind me” got in your head.


It got in mine through it’s catchy lyrics. but what does it mean?



“never made it as a wise man” – I have not made good decisions all the times

“This is how you remind me” – You reminded me of a time

“I love you and I still do” -A past relationship then, still do sounds like first love then.

“Are we having fun yet?”- Crisis point.



The song to me is a bad relationship song, You remind me of a bad place,

“I ve been wrong, I ve been down”

Are we having fun yet because what’s the point.


Well that’s what I think – How about you?



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Pilot Tuesdays – Lost Girl

On my recent travels to work I found myself thinking about these types of shows and how they fizzle out or get cancelled before there time.

I have heard of Lost Girl because I have seen it trailered so many time on the SyFy Channel. I have an interest in it so thought I would give it a go.

Here is my review/commentary of the first episode -



A bloke in a bar talks to the bartender. He tries to “roofie” the bartender but fails. Then he picks on the next girl who enters the bar.

The bartender “Bo” chases the bloke down before anything could happen to the girl “Kensie”.  The bloke gets his “face sucked” – so at least he died with a happy ending.


Two Cops

Two cops enter the scene and see that the body of the bloke is dead by  non-human means. They later track Bo down. But we find out they are the good guys to this.


Bo And Kensie

Bo takes a “roofied” Kensie to her place, a dilapidated house.  Kensie wakes up before Bo can leave and starts asking Questions. – She video taped it – so Bo has to fess up.

“I saw you eat somebodies face, it was amazing”

Later on – they have milkshakes and get on the same page, a la “Batman And Robin”.

“I sort of drain people”
“Are you a fricking Vampire”

Bo then seduces the Waitress into giving them the milkshakes for free.

They then get caught by the cops. – Kensie gets subdued but not taken – Bo gets taken.



She is now put into an integration with a Man in White and a Lady in Black.

These are  later revealed to her as the “Fae”. Both are representatives of the two sides. The “Light” and the “Dark”. She must choose a side or die.

She finds out what she is – A Succubus – A sexual energy vampire (My words – not the shows – look it up)

She must now pass the test to choose a side.



She faces two rounds of “Underfae” to survive.

RND 1 – A brute big muscular man with a very long tongue.  – She defeats him with ease, using her daggers to slice at his legs and to thoat cut him when he is down.

RND 2 – A Pain Eater – She gets thrown into a dream scape – the Pain eater – eats her mind – tells her not to put up her fight. – At this point Kensie Catches up – Shouts to her and tells her to wake up. RND 2 to Bo.

She chooses a side.

“I pick neither. I choose Humans!!”



The leaders meet afterwards and are advised to let her go and to keep an eye on her. – They do.

Bo and Kensie are released and look to stay and earn a living now. since they cant leave.





Of the three shows I have watched so far doing this, it has not kept my attention as much of the other two. I am probably going to see how the first season goes before making a decision. But to me – it was not the best Pilot Episode.

Next Week – The final pilot episode I have planned – to be revealed on Monday.


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The Week Ahead

Pilot Tuesdays

Lost Girl – I tried Vampire Diaries – enjoyed it but left it after it went a plot point to far, it ran out of steam for me. Let see what I think of the Pilot episode of Lost Girl.


Da Vinci Review and So Far

I felt my Reviews of the Episodes are a bit rushed and rough so to catch my mind up and along with anyone else who is interested a episode 1-3 “So Far”.

Reviews will still occur on a Sunday Night…. Let’s see if I can adapt the review a bit to make it a bit more well rounded.

Music Lyrics

Last Weeks Post didn’t manage to get through draft stage so that will be finished off. But this weeks song of choice is Nickelback – This is how you Remind Me.

Music Videos

2 Songs with Clever use of video and theme. Both in different ways.

The videos are:

  • The XX – Islands
  • No Doubt – It’s My Life

Anti Hero Weekend

A hero who does not have “good” tendencies/ mmmm everyone does not have those tendencies. lol..

Plenty More

Other blog posts are planned but I don’t want to reveal all my cards yet. hint hint nudge nudge.



For now,

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The Week Behind Me

I find myself struggling a bit this week – getting that concentration but I have battled through the bad patch to get a few new ideas for the future.

Da Vinci Reviews

They feel a bit too rough so will put a “Da Vinci So far” every 3 episodes to keep the detail and quality there.

Pilot Tuesdays

I enjoyed this one, I have watched 3 of them already and am looking forward to Part 3 next week . A Sci Fi show with supernatural elements. I will tell you about that tomorrow.


I love changing it up and talking about different stuff, me finding KEXP by mistake, was great.



A bit of a blimp but back on course with a week full of content next week.

11 Days till I do a big post day a week – big plans – lets see if it works.



Dresdenfalls Signing Off….







Da Vinci’s Demons S02E03 Review

Episode 3

Da Vinci Continues his journey to the book of leaves while Pope Sixtus  continues his plot against Florence.


Step by Step


Riario sails on a different ship – Nope its Da Vinci in disguise

“2Blades” notices the guise and stops him.

Sword Battle ensues. Da vinci loses.

3 escape


Later on

Da Vinci – Backup Plan

Free the slaves on the boat they lost the battle on.


Pope and 1 Eye

Pope gets the news of Florence.

“They hang one of god’s own!!” – Orsini brother.



The two hanged bodies still hang – black and dirty.

The Duke of Pazzi body is used by kids to drag along the floor and other “playtime” things.


Later on – News

Florence is excommunicated – due to the Cardinal Orsini hanging

No Catholic will now trade with Florence due to this.



Da Vinci Plan

“Tentacles”  – WTF is the plan

Later on – The merchant helps them secure supplies.

Making a submarine like creature – WHAT!!!


Lorenzo and Orsini

The bank of Medici talk about getting rid of Lorenzo’s Wife.  Lorenzo plans to visit Naples itself.  Clarice will defend the city again. Lorenzo backs her up again.

Lorenzo and Da Vinci’s father ride to Naples.

Later on – Clarice talks to Lorenzo about his plan – “I nearly lost you”

“You blame me for Guliano’s death”


Clarice talks of Lucretia the Roman Spy.  – Lorenzo didn’t know.

“I will save my city”

Heated Argument

He rides in secret to Naples. Plain Clothes.


New Character

Asian man – holding a different type of sword – holds it up – short scene

He kills for Lucretia – WHAT!!!

She talks to a cardinal about her situation

“when you discover who the pope holds prisoner arresting us will be the last thing  on your mind”


Later on -

The cardinal in Question – finds the prisoner -

“In your heart you know who I am” – “The one true pope”


“How do I know you are not the imposter?”


He Questions the Pope and the Prisoner..

“Why did you choose the name Sixtus?”



 The Submarine


2 men in a closed capsule – oh what fun

It is interesting seeing it work.

Oh ancient engineering


Later on -

The Merchant sells them out to Mr “2Blades” from Naples.

He  finds it after an attempt on his life – he renames the female assasin “TOY”.


Back to Da Vinci – they continue their undersea adventure – passing a sunken ship – but a leak in the submarine.

They reach a ship – but which ship? The Sentinel?


He dreams – of Lucretia, the Indian


Orsini and Bastard Carlo Di Medici

Clarice has never seen him and cannot

Carlos shows her the secret room and the secret picture.

He tells of secrets that Clarice never knew.


Time to Escape

Da Vinci and Zoroaster rise to scale the ship – the merchant was in on it – good dam good.

The second sword battle

2Blades manages to win again but the slaves are out now.

“Toy” marks 2Blades due to the rape. (not a word I thought I would say)

The Slaves join the crew.


Lucretia – meets the Cardinal again

He believes and she wants to be shown where her father is.


 The Indian

Where are the instruments I gave you?

There is a price for diverting through time.

This was not predicted getting another ship.

“This journey is entirely in your own making”




A good episode which shows where each of the characters is going.

The Battle of good Vs evil is the great part of this show – it  is so multi layered it can be hard to follow but this was extremely enjoyable.

I hope you managed to follow my view of the show but I will be writing a “Da Vinci so far- 1-3″ on Wednesday next week to keep everything straight in my head and hopefully yours.


Dresdenfalls Signing Off….