The Challenge Begins – Soon

Hi, My Name is Dresdenfalls or Carl to those who know me. In the past year I have been working on experience gathering and now is the time for re-invention of this blog.


I am challenging myself to learn a new language, to learn new skills and to build a variety of blog posts to keep me interested but to also keep you interested.


So – I ask. What would you challenge someone to do?

I will be asking people to help me on this year long journey.  So think positive and think fun.  I will reveal the plan in coming weeks but there are still holes left to be filled.

Over the next weeks – I will be adding artwork too – and adjusting the catergories from what the blog was to what this will become.

Rules for Challenges -

I am on a strict budget – If your product needs a review – My other job at Erisea means I can offer PR people a review for their products.

I am happy to take on life goals and other random tasks – you may want me to try out Yoga – know a free app – happy to give it a go for a month.

So – More the merrier – Let the floodgates open…

Email Dresdenfallsblog(at) – Label you email – ” DF Challenge – “

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The #DFChallenge Begins Soon


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