Pilot Tuesdays

Pilot Tuesdays – House of Cards S01E01

Pilot Tuesdays – Now for something p0litical – I ended up thinking this was a Anti West Wing style show.

Lots of Politics, Lots of corruptness and Lots of mind blowing stuff. If you dont like politics this show is probably not for you.

Here is my review of the pilot episode of House of Cards. Spoilers warning!!!



The introduction sequence deserves a mention only for how they introduce the lead character. Francis the “Chef Whip” sees a dog get run over, goes over to the dog, sees he is in pain and has no chance of survival. KILLS THE DOG!!


The Downfall

Frank gets told he is needed in his current job and cannot get that promotion – he is very disillusioned by this. Frank and his wife Claire, decide payback. They are not aligned to the people that promised the new job role.

Lowly Reporter

We meet a lowly reporter looking for her big break. At this point she looks like the intern. She has only the small stuff to cover. She later gets her claws into Frank, then the partnership begins. – Sort of.


Frank and Claire have a very weird relationship – they rile each other up on purpose. WHY?? It doesn’t make sense to me but that works.

Plan Stage 1

“To take down the big whale you do it one bite at a time”

They plan to overthrow the president starting with the person who got his promised job.

Frank sets up the board and rely on his bald assistant in a few tasks to start gathering pieces onto his side.

The movements on the board is something to be seen.


The battles before the storm

Frank played against the Chef of Staff with an education bill in play, then later before helping Zoey battled Zoey. It was interesting to see how Frank tackled both ladies and how he moves them round.


Zoey releases the education bill before it officially hits, meaning the president and the chief of staff know someone leaked but they don’t know who.



This will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Claire did have some backstory job but I left it out because I did not see the relevant at this point. This series looks good. I think I might watch another.


My catchups have begun – watching Breaking Bad and House of Cards, but there are 2 more weeks to go in Pilot Tuesdays, what else have I missed? Next Week- Sci Fi/Fantasy


The Week Ahead

Hello and welcome to another week of the Dresdenfalls Blog.


Here’s the plan –

Current Regulars:

  • Pilot Tuesdays  – House of Cards
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  • Sporting Weekend – Top 5s.

Other Posts planned:

  • Music Song – A song that caught my attention that I thought deserved a mention.
  • Youtube – A channel that I enjoyed – Music Based.
  • Music Highlights – Missed Me – Dresden dolls.

I will let the rest be a suprise for you….

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The Week Behind Me

Fun week – dam viruses, full reset has got rid of most of them. Now I do not have to rely on the WordPress App.

I am currently about to watch The Smoke season finale and about to type up notes on this and episode 2 of Da Vinci’s Demons. Now Smoke is over, I will see what I can do with the extra time.

18 days away from my big posts on a Thursday for a self titled event. Only clue I will give at the moment is “The World”.

Well that was the week. Hope you all had a good week….


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The Smoke S01 Finale Review

In the last episode, we see Kev in hospital and Trish is likely dead. This episode concludes the crash.

Conclusion to Tunnel Fire

Kev is recovering in hospital and still is upset for thinking Trish is dead.

Dennis comes in the night and is angry that Kev did not leave him to die to get to Trish.

Trish’s Sister gets the call to see Trish’s possibly dead body.


She is in another hospital recovering. Kev gets told and wants to go visit her straight away.  Kev needs to recover more before he can go. Kev and Mal have a heart to heart and seems to have it settled down.

All the rest are around the fire station awaiting the news, with Billy preparing a feast for Mal’s last day.

Trish and her sister talk about her recovery and she is also desperate to see Kev.



Kev receives his compensation and contemplates the next step. He decides to get a camper van after looking at a sports car. He later confesses to Trish – He loves her and he forgives it. They pick up Mal and discuss plans for the future.



Billy and the rest of the group welcome Mal and Kev to the party and celebrate the last day.

Kev leaves for a ceremony for the baby that died in the estate.


Tree Ceremony

The ceremony for the baby started with the planting of the tree. The baby mother digs the hole, Dennis goes to help struggles with the tunnel smoke still in his system.

Gog says to her later, he does not want it here, She stands her ground. He pees on the tree. She stands firm and carries on.

Dennis and Gog clash about it.

The ceremony its self, Kev and Dennis talk to each other. Both are there for separate reasons but Kev forgives Dennis and says he moved on.

The baby mother later has had enough of people not saying anything about Gog. The ceremony ends badly.


Gog Fire

After getting rid of Kev, Baby Mother sets the fire in Gog’s flat. She walks with a petrol can in a blue carrier bag, pours it, sets it alight and walks off.

Rose the kid, sees it, Gog is asleep. No clear exits how do they get out?

Kev and Dennis arrive, they save the kid but after Gog says he cant -  Kev Shuts the door on him.

Rose is left with Dennis. Kev tells Dennis – she wasn’t here Dennis. It would be better if she wasn’t here.



 “I’m forever blowing bubbles”

Kev – he half melts down and steals a fire engine to go to the seaside. Trish joins him in the sea.

Dennis – has Rose and has a job – rejoins the group at the barbecue and has fun.

Ziggy – had a turn during the episode but Rob knows why and it settles at the end.

Mal – unknown. Does he still go if Kev is off stealing fire engines.

Little al – got back with his other half – will he leave the fire service.


A good series – I would of preferred the last episode to be the ending of the season but I know most series only get 1 season so they probably covered it just Incase.

Hope you enjoyed the series as much as me – my reviews are a work in progress and I will be continuing to work on the style during Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2.

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TV Reviews

Da Vinci’s Demons S02E02 Review

More stuff from Da Vinci – Episode 2.

Commentary followed by a short review.


Da Vinci and Lorenzo

Lorenzo gets told the news of his dead brother, and looks to what he can do next. The City is still getting ransacked.

“they are rebelling against all authority”

Lorenzo is not sure of his current path, “I have no future to offer the city”.

He gets told of his brother’s soon to be child with Vannessa.


Lucretia in the water/ Riario and Nico

Lucretia and Zoroaster are in the water, they manage to get out of the chains.

Meanwhile, Riario is seducing Nico to join the dark side. Nico currently in a cage does not know why.


Later on – they reach the land and nick some clothes.

Riario and his assistant try to work out the map.

Riario and his assistant then have sex.


Rooftop challenge

Da Vinci has to stop the rival leader of the Pazzis from claiming Florence, he looks at Amplifying the voice of Lorenzo.

Later on – They walk through the crowd to get to the church tower.

Brass Panels – Amplifying Sound – Lorenzo must make a speech.

“look to your people Lorenzo”



His wife hears this. – She smiles and blesses god.

He tells of the plan of Rome. He explains the truth.


“I leave the fate of the city in your hands.”

The crowd cheers – is the city saved??

NOW Dragonetti – get the Pazi traitors.


Queen of Florence

The business of Medici bank is trying to get Orsini(Lorenzos other half) to give up on her claims. She holds firm.  Captain Dragonetti is still by her side helping her.



Dragonetti gets his payback.

The gore is quite big.

The Queen finds her King. Lorenzo returns.


Pope next plans

The Pope, King of Naples and the one eyed army man plan ahead.

strange trinket that stops the king of Naples son in his tracks.

Pressure is to be put on Florence.


Lorenzo plans

Lorenzo wants more inventions

Da Vinci wants the book of leaves

I will preserve this city without your help.


Queen sees her brother and Francesco Pazi


Pazzi will die and future generations will know

The cardinal brother will die for aligning with Rome.


Da Vinci Dreams workout

“What do you know of Daedalus?”

He has to work out the next step of getting to the book.


Zoroaster returns and has to start with nothing.

Lucretia also returns to help.


Lucretia tells him he can manage it. The Pope Sixtus destroyed he family and wants to help.



The hanging happens – Enemy local leader, Francesco Pazi and Orsini’s brother get hanged. This shows the Pope business.

Da Vinci and Zoroaster – speak the truth to each other, Zoroaster has lost faith in Da Vinci.

Lorenzo lays his brother to rest by himself – Orsini joins him.  He notices the design on the sword passed down in the family. Da Vinci has probably convinced him.

Lorenzo has one last word with Da Vinci.

A sword is shared, “It’s time to save our city”



Well the battle lines are drawn -

Da Vinci goes to Pisa while Riario has the head start.

Lorenzo controls Florence for now, the King of Naples will come soon.


It was a good 2 parter to up the stakes. Here’s hoping for it to continue that path.


VOTW – Clueless Gamer: AT&T Stadium

Video of the Week this week, is from the Youtube Channel “TeamCoco” – it takes the perspective of a clueless gamer and he struggles at lots of games. His humor is very American so if you don’t like that style of humor this is not for you.

This week he plays at the Dallas Cowboys’s Stadium widescreen television – dam I want to do it.

He plays numerous games and takes the piss of most of them.


Let me know what you think….


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Memorable Videos

I thought I would highlight some of the music videos that got my attention in my life so far.


Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me

One of the first videos that caught my attention through it’s stylised and sexualised video. The song sounds like a poem at times with the lyrics and rhythm.

“But she caught me red handed…”

“Wasn’t me”


Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag

The opening 10 seconds I could guess the song every time. This is a very good video at the time, every teenager at some point would feel like the loser, this song connects to everyone this way.

Good change of luck for the loser that just turns out to be a dream.


Foundations of Wayne – Stacey’s Mum

At the time of the song, “MILF” was a phrase coming into fashion. It parodied a few 80s/90s movie styles with the reveals. Lots of innuendos, but Rachel Hunter sold this video for me.


The Killers – Mr Brightside

A good karaoke song if I ever saw one, the song more than the video got me. It’s styled on Moulin Rouge and the prostitution stuff, It got to me. The friend who wishes to be more with someone already in a relationship – I hate to admit it, but I have been there.


If you haven’t seen then before or want to just see the again,  here they are…



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