Weekend Soundtrack – Sloth

Part 1 of a double header – Next one being Tomorrow.


Today – 7 sins – “sloth”

This one was a bit hard so I had to be a bit more creative with the choices.  Here is the art of being lazy in different form.

Playlist – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-7pljWi2ZLuIwdBxF4zSq86GgWSHgVJt


Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song

Lets get the easy choice out of the way. The catchy song lays down a relaxing tune with a easy attitude.

“Nobody gonna tell me I can’t”

Very good choreographed video – Simply great. I do want a monkey mask now.


Daniel Powter – Bad Day

A bad day, lazy for missing lost opportunities.  Sticking to a routine and not changing up (for a long time) – faking smiles and being lazy with feelings. Feeling on them but not acting on them.

Fall Out Boy – A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”.

More of an arty feel but if you focus on the  lyrics not the video (although it is good) you can interpret it in different ways.

“why dont you just drop dead”

Another one where emotions lead the interpretation – I interpret it as someone with no follow through.  No Positive movement.

“I dont blame you for being you” – “you know I am always late”


Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends

Having someone dead in any circumstances is bad – feeling down so down you want September to be over.

“the innocence will never last”

The videos story  of the young lovers – having fun then the bloke goes to war.  The middle of the video shows the argument to the breakup.  (sort of he goes to war and she hated the idea)

Being lazy because you being awake is bad. Put me to sleep until it is over. Everyone feels that way at times.


As with all the other sins, in some form they are good but realising the point where it does become bad is what is needed at times. Being lazy for the sake of being lazy is ok – to a point – you need to live your life.


Dresdenfalls Signing Off….


TWE -Movement Into The Interview

Working on building confidence leading up to my first interview on site. Its all about the steps along the journey.

I have stepped into the forefront of a new challenge, a great challenge. Working on email interviews for a few months I enjoy the challenge, time for a face to face. I be preparing some stuff for Erisea in the meantime, and am still aiming to begin the new content rollout for Dresdenfalls by the end of the month.

A new start is upon this site. New Opportunities and a new theme will be coming.

“I love the journey and this site is where it started – Time to change up and create some new content”


Dresdenfalls Signing Off….

The Week Ahead – Break Time

With work taken over (you don’t need the details) – My job not my hobby job, I will be taking a semi break from this. I need to re-evaluate what content will be put on here and I will be reintroducing New Content on the 7th Oct onwards. I will be overhauling the graphics and the theme to change up the focus. “Pop Culture – With Added Opinion” the tagline is likely to change, to something like “Inside the Head of a complex Mind” – or something along those lines.

The Weekend Soundtrack, VOTW, Football Weekend will continue as I am enjoying these projects and the ways it makes you think.  The big World Project will still be happening on the 29th, with the week after being the new start.  I have ideas I just need to build them up to flourish now.

So if you wondered why no new content – Big plateful I need to make more manageable, I big back on full steam soon.


Dresdenfalls Signing Off….

Weekend Soundtrack – Envy

4th Sin up this week – this week Envy.

What do you envy…


Playlist – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-7pljWi2ZLuQF_lgHBEGB1kEMrRibm2q


3 Doors Down – Let Me Go

Envy of the person who can move on. Being in a relationship and being able to think of other things when they move on.

“You love me but you don’t know who I am”

The song’s video flips before you realises why.

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

Having those memories of fun times and envy to those who can act on impulse. – Moving forward with your wishes, to step up when you have to.

The Killers – When You Were Young

Love and its dynamic changes, to be envious of the past and “you see the place where you used to live”.

Having your life shattered into pieces, and not wanting to put it back together.

Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody

I could “use somebody”. Everyone could – but that’s not how the world works. Envious of the couples and  the lovers of the world.

Nickelback – How You Remind Me

Envious of people’s bad decisions, some bad decisions make people.  Looking back at what you lost, and the envy that comes with it, and realising mistakes get made.

The All-American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret

To Conclude a piece on the fact that every one holds secrets and are envious of people who can talk about them. The video shows the world’s dirty secrets.

“i wish i was the other twin” – “i miss feeling close to god”

Other juicy secrets are there but realising secrets – “dirty little ones” are not important – living life and working through them is.


Well thats envy – what are you envious of…..



Thoughts – MacMillian Vs ALS/MND

What do you think of McMillian taking over the icebucket challenge in the UK?


Everytime I load up Facebook as I do some work on there, I see the McMillian advert with the Ice bucket Challenge. Considering in the UK they have their own thing in “The world biggest coffee morning” – why are they grabbing the attention that other smaller causes have the need to grab to.


To me that is like a local restaurant running a good quality promotion and the world wide fast food joint going – oh we will nick that idea then. I believe it is unfair, but I understand that charities are becoming more and more like a business. McMillian have the money to buy facebook advertising but still need your money.


Well thats my thought….

The week ahead – short and snappy

This is my blog to try new things and to constantly redevelop old.

So this week, after laying foundations last week, I will be adding a bit of flourish. Short and snappy reviews 300 words ish. My Da Vinci’s demon style is to me now too much description so I am going to look at trying out some shorter snappy posts. So this week i am looking a review of something – I have not worked that out yet.

So that’s the news from me – how are you doing?

Dresdenfalls Signing Off….