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Hearthstone Chronicles – Chapter 1 – Plague Quarter Part 1

So the journey to the Plague Quarter begins.

I first had to build the coins to get to it. So my Control Shaman deck was out – I got two quick victories and I was able to start my Arena run.

Game 1 – Win – 17-3 – The opponent quit before I could put in the final blow.
Game 2 – Win – 17-0

Arena Run

Druid deck packed with lower level cards. I tried building it as an Aggro Deck but it did not work out well.

Game 1 – Loss – Mid range cards I managed to build up to something but later on it crumbled.
Game 2 – Win – 30-0
Game 3 – Win – 25-0 – Aggro all the way. No Card Taunts or removals by the opponent so I had no defense to hit and just carried on hitting him in the way.
Game 4 – Lost – I let the opponent finish me off because 1% of the time they wait – if they hold off there is a chance the miracle card will show up – It did not.
Game 5 – Last Chance.


2 Wins of 5 Games.

I think I will try out the challenges rather than specific Arena Runs.

So Part 1 – Ends with no real progress. But its about the journey.

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World Week – Whilst the maintence happens.

World week was going to cover my vacation from the site but plans have changed.  World week will be here later today with a continent a day exploring music, film and outlining the different cultures and lifestyles. It still going to be quite short as a continent is a big area but next year I will run this again into a more defined areas. Maybe a country a week – I dont know yet.

Maintence – is me looking at the next steps for the site. You will still be able to find the majority of posts but I am in the process of building an archive.  My 1st year stuff is now going to only be tagged with that as I reconfigure everything.


Hope you enjoy my world week.


Dresdenfalls Signing Off….

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Weekend Soundtrack – 7th Sin – Gluttony

Songs of food have been hard to come by – but I found some – the final song is a true nightmare. – Can you guess it without reading further.

Playlist – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-7pljWi2ZLuITxMWzr6DfqOG6tCe-RkA


Kelis – Milkshake

A song about how a fast food joint uses the feminine charms of Kelis to sell milkshakes.  Revealing outfits and some shaking of the upper body.

“Dam right it is better than yours”.  A good song – but more lust than gluttony.

The 1975 – Chocolate

Addiction. Catch song, still cant get the accent. But I love the instrumental elements.

“Were never going to quit it”

Fall Out Boy – The Take Over, the Breaks Over

Only put in for the T-Bone Steak outfit on the thumbnail of the video. Dreaming of food. Everyone does it.

Fast Food Rockers – Fast Food Song

The nightmare song that hit the UK Charts. Weird outfits and a dog mascot.



Well time for new content and new features – next week it begins.



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