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Game – Zombie Killer Squad – Freemium

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Zombie Killer Squad

Free Mobile game from a team of YouTube people. It is a very simple premise of a game that has kept my attention for the past week since its release.

The game is a Minion rush lookalike but with zombies, if you like the mechanics of that you will like the mechanics of this.  The zombie killer squad have to kill zombies on the run, you are swiping to move, quick pressing to shoot and thats it.


A very simple game with a very simple premise, run away and kill zombies along the way.

I played this because I am a keen youtuber and “Seananners” advertised it on his channel and I thought lets give it a go.

It works on the freemium level so you can get it for free, to unlock every thing you have to farm out levels or pay to unlock the content.


  • Very simple game play – good pick up and play value, click to shoot swipe to move.
  • 5 Mins – 1 hour – it has sucked me in to play it for an hour but if you only have 5 mins that’s one basic play through.
  • Characters – Luke, Seananners and Syndicate. On the character selection screen the dialog is “laugh-out” funny.


  • Since you have to pay to buy stuff, the replay value diminishes after a while. Luke had very limited dialog after a while you have heard everything, I want to buy to unlock the characters but I cant so i m stuck with Luke.  (100000 coins to unlock 1 new character – average 300 coins per run)
  • Only one level – it maybe I’ve not managed to explore it fully, I am currently playing it as my “work break” game to keep me going.


Good game since its the first the team has built I am looking forward to what else they can create. With mobile games having the options to update I hope they update the game further. At the Moment in it’ss current state I give it a 6/10.



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