Moments in Time – “Gordon’s Alive”

I  was just thinking…. Moments in Time. Have you ever had a moment where you wish you could see it fresh again.

Moment – Seeing Flash Gordon Film(1980) and Listening to the epic soundtrack


Flash Gordon = Gold

Queen Soundtrack = Gold

Iconic Brian Blessed Lines = Gold


Recently on during the New Years TV, Dam it though not on Netflix in the UK.

It was one of the films even though I was not born at the time,  that the soundtrack was epic.

After watching the film two days ago, I still have the theme song in my head.

Has a film’s soundtrack ever had that effect on you?

The film uniqueness at the time was great. I enjoyed the principle idea behind it, even though graphically it has aged,  the rest of it still draws me in.

Template for the things to come for this blog. Please enjoy bigger stuff to come.

Dresdenfalls Signing Off….

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