World Music – Oceania – New Zealand

The smaller set of 2 islands but have they own unique musical talents, here goes.





“Cameo Lover” – very white background with the females in bright clothes and the males starting in black clothes.  The males start picking up the rhythm and turned from black suits to other vibrant colours.  A good feel good song. “Open up your Heart”


“Royals” – I have heard alot about Lorde, I haven’t properly listened to her fully yet. Sounds good so far. A very stripped down performance, the focus is on the vocals not the instruments.

“White Teeth Teens” live – A very gothic look – all black – black hair and black lipstick. Keyboard and Drums thats it.  I like her tone and her style is unique to me. I can see my self listening to her quite easily.

“Biting Down” – WTF “It feels better biting down” – ok what is the song’s subject. mmm. I am not sure on this song.


“Dusk till Dawn” – I recognise the opening bars of the song. Catchy lyrics, good tempo, simple premise. Random story. everyone wearing masks. including “WTF”.

“Black White & Blue” – Olden TV. Singing about olden themes.  I halfway through have lost track of the meaning of the song.  But I kinda like it – not as catchy as Dusk till Dawn but kinda is. weird.

Tiki Tane

“Over the Rainbow” – not a video- hard to find his stuff. Found this charity single he did. I liked this cover of a classic. He voice is quite good, gruff but gentle.

“Music has Saved me” live – from a classic gentle song to a heavy metal song – talk about range.  properly starts about 2 mins in. Not of Heavy as I thought it would be.  A good sounding song, different to Over the Rainbow. Good diverse range.

Che Fu

“Fade Away” – Not what I was expecting with that name, good surprise. The rhythm is catchy, I am bouncing away to the tempo.

“Waka” – A tropical love story. Gentle duet with a love theme. – Until they meet again.



Overall – A good bunch of Artists, Che Fu was a surprise but I enjoyed the songs. Shows you not to take a musician’s style from his name or his look. Enjoyed this. Next Up – Conclusion….

Dresdenfalls Signing Off….

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