Mind Over Matter – Learning Capital Cities Week 1

Right so to start off with – Capital Cities. I have reasonable knowledge of capital cities and it will be interesting to see how far I can take it. Sorry to anyone if I forget your capital. Its about learning to build up my knowledge.

Stage 1 – Europe

My home base so should be quite easy – I know most of the main capitals. Eastern Europe – not so much but it gonna be a challenge.

3 down


Belgium, Belarus and Ukraine down and nailed with a look at Switzerland next. The pattern of knowledge is good – gonna throw a spanner in the works. Put some music on to listen to.

Session 1 – Complete

Session 1 Complete

Easy – with a few hiccups.

Session 2 – Difficulty gets stepped up a level – 8 choices to pick from.
After 2 Sessions – I believe I got the idea…


Thoughts – so far

I am liking how this works for the mind. I am writing this after spending a few weeks figuring other elements out. It hit me how the cities I have learnt so far have already got into my “long term memory.”


Next Week – Part 2 – European Cities. Long way to go on this journey.



The Mind over Matter Challenge – Announcement

Welcome to the Mind Over Matter Challenge. I am going to be learning simple things to start off with but then build them up into more diverse and wacky complex things.

So Memrise will be helping me build my knowledge and my vocabulary.

Next Week – European Capital Cities Part 1


The Challenges Begin – Introduction Part 1

After a brief hiatus to deal with some stuff – time to begin.


The Knowledge Challenge -

To know more is always better so every Tuesday I will be tackling some random knowledge test starting with the use of the Memrise software.


The Memory Challenge

To begin to build upon the last few years and to try to build more. To remember things better. Date to be concidered.


The Arts and Crafts Challenge

To practice different techniques and to later down the line develop some more original artwork that i have been known for.  Notice the blank spaces in the title images – these will be filled up with content around them.

More to announce today…..


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